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About the Order of the White Rose 

The Order of the White Rose is one of the oldest esoteric organizations in the world, founded in 1894 by Dr. J.C.F. Grumbine, an emissary of the Universal Mystic Brotherhood, as a branch of and under the auspices of the original Rosicrucians. Membership is international.

With the passing of Dr. Grumbine in 1938 and the dark clouds of World War II gathering, the Order decided that it had achieved its original purpose and objectives. It could now best serve its mission by going into silence and solitude and focusing on developing a leadership cadre of exceptional teachers working through a number of outer orders.

Membership has since been by invitation only and circles conducted at various spiritual meeting places including Spiritualist Camps in Chesterfield, Indiana and Cassadaga, Florida, the Ansonia Hotel in New York City, and the Rosicrucian enclaves of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Amana, Iowa and New Harmony, Indiana.

Many of the leading lights of the spiritual movement passed through it, taking its teachings and in turn passing them on to other seekers.

Having decided that the time was right, the Order of the White Rose has again opened the doors of general membership to seekers worldwide for those desiring a return to the timeless teachings of the past.

Dr. J.C.F. Grumbine