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Purpose of the Order of the White Rose

FIRST.—A mystical brotherhood and sisterhood dedicated to instructing and mentoring seekers in the spirit of Eternal Wisdom as found in the sacred texts of diverse religions, alongside the ancient, hidden teachings transmitted across generations.
SECOND.—To help spiritual seekers to realize, manifest and control innate, divine powers such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, inspiration, intuition, telepathy, prophecy, prevision, prescience, healing, suggestion, ideality, will, adeptship, and illumination, thereby preventing and circumventing error, illness, and malevolence, while fostering the realization of the divine potential in man and woman. 
THIRD .—Bringing together like-minded souls through shared efforts and service, aiming for mutual enrichment, intellectual upliftment, and spiritual elevation through communion, thereby advancing and fulfilling the goals and purposes of the Order of the White Rose.
FOURTH.—To meet in the openness of spiritual understanding and fellowship and in the silence assist all who are willing and prepared to receive the power of the spirit; this work is to be one of loving service. 
FIFTH.—Creating and sustaining a center of instruction and mentorship, a brotherhood and sisterhood of the Eternal Wisdom, guiding students along the path towards Enlightenment—divine illumination, Nirvana, freedom and bliss—through tutoring, discipleship, and meditation, preparing them for their spiritual journey and sacred calling.   
SIXTH—By transmitting the essence of the inner realm to the outer world via telepathy and correspondence, we seek to awaken the inherent divine potential within every member, fostering their spiritual evolution.
SEVENTH—We aim to establish and nurture local Circles of the Order of the White Rose where the work can be conducted through study classes and meetings and where central flames of light will be kept burning for all who need guidance. 
EIGHTH.—We strive to support the endeavors of all similar and kindred organizations irrespective of their labels or locations, recognizing that those not opposed to us are allies, and that all life is one, though people call it by various names. 
NINTH.—The Order of the White Rose has no place for politics, political debates or religious arguments, and members are requested to foster and uphold its character at all times and in all places. No person’s religious or political opinions are asked or compromised. 
TENTH.—The Order of the White Rose serves dual roles, operating both in the outward realm and the hidden, guiding its members towards the inner sanctum of the celestial hierarchy.

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