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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the Order of the White Rose?

The Order of the White Rose is one of the oldest esoteric organizations in the world, founded in 1894 by J.C. F. Grumbine, an emissary of the Universal Mystic Brotherhood, as a branch of the original Rosicrucians. It was not a "new" organization at the time of its founding but rather a continuation of its predecessors. The roots of its teachings are as old as humankind.

Is the Order of the White Rose a political or religious organization?

No. The Order of the White Rose is a non-political, non-sectarian spiritual Order devoted to the higher development of the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. We have no affiliation with other groups using our name.

The Order of the White Rose abstains from politics, and Members are requested to foster and maintain its character at all times and at all places. No person’s religious or political opinions are asked or compromised. The lessons, teachings and practices are solely concerned with its Members' soul development and spiritual progression and not with doctrines or dogmas.

How do I become a Member of the Order of the White Rose?

Go to our Join Us page and follow the directions.

What is the cost of the lessons?

The Order of the White Rose is not a correspondence school or mail-order club. Its teachings are not for sale. They are given freely without charge to all Members of the Order of the White Rose. Every Member is eligible to receive the complete course of teachings.

How is the Order supported financially?

Our philosophy has always been that no one should be denied spiritual teachings due to a lack of finances. The Order of the White Rose is supported by a minimal dues system for Membership that we endeavor to keep as low as possible to cover our expenses (office supplies, utilities, printing, postage, website, etc.). Even the poorest person can afford to become a Member. Full Membership is currently $25 monthly and includes all benefits. Anyone who cannot afford Membership can apply for a discounted student rate.

Must I accept all the teachings of the Order of the White Rose?

No Member is required to accept any teaching based upon the authority of the Order of the White Rose alone but is encouraged to weigh what is taught, experiment and prove it for themselves. Every Member is free to reject and abstain from any teaching or practice with which they disagree at any time. Members are free to come and go as they please. The whole course of teaching is designed to encourage our students to learn and think for themselves.

What is the mission of the Order of the White Rose?

Spiritual growth is a lifetime commitment. Each one of us from beginner to Adept remains always a "Seeker," a seeker after spiritual truth. Our mission is to find fellow seekers and to guide them to the light of truth and wisdom.

What is unique about the Order that sets it apart from other esoteric groups?

The Order teaches a direct path to the realm of Spirit that enables the student to make contact directly with higher teachers, the "Masters" of legend and lore, and obtain ever higher ascent into spiritual illumination. 

Is the Order a Spiritualist society?

Although the Order incorporates the philosophy and practices of Spiritualism into its curriculum and has Spiritualists among its members, it is not a Spiritualist organization. Members typically do not identify as Spiritualists, instead referring to themselves as "Spiritual" and "Seekers."

Does the Order still offer the College of Psychical Sciences and can I obtain certification from them?

The Order of the White Rose no longer runs the College as a separate branch but as an integral part of the Order. It includes its teachings and courses within and as a part of the Order of the White Rose.

Those who so desire may be trained in and receive recognition as a Healer, Reader, Teacher or Medium as well as in areas of specialized interest such as Astrology, Alchemy, Tarot, Theurgy (White Magic or Holy Magic), Rosicrucian lore, Esoteric Symbolism, Kabbalah, Numerology and in the general Hermetic Arts and Sciences. Those who complete the required courses and training will receive certification documents from the White Rose College of Psychic Sciences.

The Order isn't accredited as a college institution in the traditional sense; instead, it functions as a collegium, deriving from the Latin word "society," where members collaborate towards common interests, akin to the ancient Roman religious collegia formed by groups of priests.

Are there different levels of study within the Order?

The spiritual journey unfolds through three levels: Purification, symbolized by the White Rose, progresses to Illumination and Divine Union. These stages encompass beginners, the advanced (Adepts), and those who  are on the heights (the Masters).

The Order of the White Rose operates in both exoteric and esoteric realms, guiding its members towards the inner celestial branch of the Order and the heights of soul perfection.

Are you Rosicrucians?

The Rosicrucian teachings constitute just a fraction of what the Order imparts. The true and inner Order of the Rose Cross is a very secretive and hidden society that does not present a public face. One does not contact them; they call whomsoever they choose. Members of the Order of the White Rose might receive occasional communications from the Inner Order and could potentially advance into its inner sanctum over time.

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