The Rosicrucians

A communication from the true society of the Rosicrucians:

Outer orders are formed for the purpose of testing and winnowing out curiosity seekers of occult thrills. These are only a mask and not the true Brotherhood.

For many years you have sought the true  Brotherhood that has called you in your dreams and spoken to your heart as you read, studied and prayed. It exists but is not what you think it to be. Our kind has been hated, despised, hunted and driven from one land to another, scattered to the four corners of the earth by those who serve the gods of this world. We have wandered over the face of the earth, always few in number, seeking those precious few souls to whom we could pass our teachings and keep the Old Wisdom alive.

We have no impressive headquarters, museums, cathedrals or theme parks. Among us there are no degrees, correspondence courses or certificates of achievement. We recognize each other only by a light that shines from within and we communicate in symbols and the language of the Spirit. We meet in dreams and visions and on rare occasions in person in places forgotten by the world, the spiritual borderlands of cemeteries, ruined churches, secret shrines and keep to distant and
lonely places in the mountains and deserts and the coasts of the seas.

We are men and women of the spirit without the religion of the masses, an inner and great brotherhood of God seeking only knowledge of God and of our inner self for it is there that God may be found, not in the mind but in the heart and soul of man.