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The White Rose Teachings

The Teachings of the Order of the White Rose is a philosophy which makes practical and demonstrable all of the hidden psychical powers of the soul.

It consists of lessons, on separate but related branches, each series and each lesson of the series having to do with the necessary steps to Adepthood and the fullest realization of one's inner powers of the soul.

The Order of the White Rose

System of Teaching

What is taught is pre-eminently a system—not a theory or a doctrine—but a scientific, practical method of doing the things which Jesus and the prophets did.

We encourage our students to test these teachings for themselves and to grow in spirit through experiential knowledge rather than just the study of books which read like new age romances, or are loaded with dry matter but which contain little useful and practical knowledge.

The System of Teaching taught by the Order of the White Rose is first of all a revelation, and secondly, a science which any sincere spiritual seeker, old or young, can grasp and apply. It consists of les­sons and numerous experiments not found elsewhere.

The Order of the White Rose

Metaphysical Sciences

The Teachings will unfold and develop your psychical powers so that you can see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiently, feel clairsentiently, see and commune with spirits, and without losing your self-control or consciousness; and it will teach you how to be happy, prosperous and at peace with yourself and the world.

A special series is on the Divine Science of Healing.

The Order of the White Rose

Benefits of the Teachings

You can unfold and develop latent powers hidden within you. You can be the person that God created you to be. The White Rose teachings promises success, if you will follow the simple, reasonable instructions.

There will be no interruption in your business, but there will be interruption in hard times and miserable living, and a new life and world will be yours.

As a student of this system you need study no other. It encompasses all other systems of Theosophy, Spiritualism, Mysticism, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Mental Science and the High Magic commanded by Moses, Aaron and Solomon.

Our Vision

The Order of the White Rose

Dr. Grumbine, an emissary of the Universal Mystic Brotherhood and the Brethren of the Rose Cross, taught that there was a distinction between Universal Spirit and personal individual spirits. Universal Spirit does not exist as a deity outside of the universe, but as the radiant center from which spirits draw their life.

Matter is the substance of form. Form defines and limits spirits, which are temporal, relative, and finite.

True Spiritualism (which has no place for fake mediums) reveals the spirit of God within each human spirit. By bringing evidence of survival of death and of disincarnate spirits, Spiritualism demonstrates the divine origin of each spirit.

Psychic abilities (clairvoyance, telepathy, healing, and prevision) are innate divine powers. The Order of the White Rose teaches that the proper use and control of these powers can produce a divine manhood and womanhood, the Man and Woman of Light, the golden perfection of the Philosopher's Stone.